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Caring For History

Bonnie and Brad Braun have spent their lives dedicated to design, antiques and business. Lovingly restoring The 1812 Country Store to its former glory with their unique touch. They have put their hearts into bringing history back for everyone.


Bonnie Braun

Growing up with a father as a painter who worked closely with interior designers, Bonnie developed a respect for the process. Throughout high school, she expanded her skills in drawing and painting. Bonnie went on to obtain a degree in Interior Design before going on to work in furniture staging. As a freelance residential and commercial designer, she perfected her flair for unique interiors. She excelled at faux finishes and furniture repurposing which, led to her dream of owning her own shop.

Brad Braun

From 16 years old, inspired by the entrepreneurs he worked beside, Brad dreamed of owning his own business. Growing up in a family-run company, specializing in ceramics, he was exposed to the detailed craftsmanship of artisan products. Once his parents purchased an estate with a plethora of antiques, he couldn’t help but appreciate their work as they explained their history. With a Master’s in Business and a love of antiques, Brad couldn’t pass up the opportunity to resurrect this local piece of history alongside his wife.

The Journey To
The 1812 Store

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